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Torque Converter or Hydrostatic?

So, you need a new forklift, you’ve decided on engine powered, now you have to choose the type of transmission, so which one do you pick: HST (hydrostatic) or torque converter.

Not all providers offer a choice, so firstly be aware that you have one – and Toyota is one of the few providers who can offer you impartial advice before you buy or hire.

After that there are two main factors you need to look at to help you make a decision, your operation and the preference of your operators. There are no black and white answers as to which is best, but we are here to guide you.

It is our belief that about 70% of operations are more suited to a Torque converter Tonero-Apptransmission. It offers smooth driving, powerful acceleration and is great for long runs (over 200m). But there are occasions (about 30%) where HST offers benefits; if you need precise control, quick changes of direction, shorter runs or if you have to load or unload a vehicle on a ramp or incline.

It is also important to consider your operators, the two trucks drive very differently and so it can depend on what a driver is used to and how they drive.

But we don’t expect our customers to make this decision alone, our sales team have a simple assessment tool that can help you to understand the suitability in your operation, plus you can demo both to find out what your operators think.


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