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Toyota Material Handling

BT Lifter Hand Pallet Trucks

  • BT Lifter LHM230
    BT Lifter LHM230
  • BT Prolifter LHM230P
    BT Prolifter LHM230P
  • BT Lifter
    BT Lifter
  • BT High Lifter
    BT High Lifter
  • BT Lifter
    BT Lifter

The BT hand pallet truck range has been setting standards in strength and performance for over 60 years.

Our trucks are proven to be the most durable, lasting up to five times as long as other makes in work cycle tests. This means that the BT Lifter offers by far the lowest lifetime cost.

BT Lifter Models include:

  • Low and high lifters

  • Lifters with weight indicators and scales

  • Stainless / Galvanised Lifters

  • Silent Lifters

  • BT Prolifter

  • Lifters with electric motors

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BT Lifter
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