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Toyota Material Handling

Hire Forklifts

Short term hire (From 1 week to 1 Year)

Short term hire allows your business to stay flexible with material handling, no contract commitment means your forklift can be returned easily and conveniently. Changes in demand and capacity can be efficiently overcome with extra trucks readily available.

Short term hire is ideal for

  • Seasonal Demand
  • Unexpected demand
  • Emergency replacement
  • One off projects

Fleet is designed to offer a range of trucks to cover all applications, ready to go when needed

One call to our short-term hire specialists on takes care of all your material handling needs, quickly and easily.

All we need to know is

  • What type of truck you require
  • How long you need the truck When you need the truck
  • Where you would like the truck delivered

New Equipment Long term hire

Long term rental gives you all the benefits of use with none of the risks of ownership, single monthly payment allows for accurate forecasting of costs without the worry of any unforeseen breakdown costs.

Used Equipment Long Term Hire

Machines that have completed a long term hire deal, having been assessed by our engineers and given the all clear for another term. We can offer an array of attractive packages for the occasional user in low intensity applications. Perfect for clients that require basic specification trucks for yard work, lorry unloading and low level racking.

Benefits of Renting

  • One single monthly payment including truck hire and all maintenance costs
  • Little to no upfront costs
  • Routine maintenance carried out and managed by us
  • Access to new and up to date equipment
  • Avoids unscheduled out of pocket expenses
  • Enjoy tax relief on all rental costs
  • Frees up capital that would otherwise be tied up in owned equipment
  • Quick solutions for emergency and unexpected demand


Choose a Product Range

  • Toyota
  • Aisle Master
  • Combilift

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