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Hand Pallet Truck Knowledgebase

Which Hand Pallet Truck do I require?

Hand Pallet Trucks are available in a huge variety of different length and width combinations, which makes choosing the correct specification for your task a difficult proposition. The huge range available allows BT to provide an option for every requirement but can be quite overwhelming.

The first item to consider when in the market for a hand pallet truck is the type of pallets being used, for the UK market there is two common types the CHEP UK pallet and the Euro pallet. If all movements will be with a uniform pallet type the best decision is to choose fork dimensions 685x1000mm for CHEP pallet use and 520x1150mm for Euro pallet use. 

However if your requirement has a mixture of different pallets to move the decision becomes a little more difficult. If the majority of work is uniform both options can accomodate moderate use with the other pallet. The dimensions we would recommend when working with both pallets would be 520x1000mm which will allow entry from all sides of the pallet with no fork overhang.

How do I secure a Hand Pallet Truck in a moving vehicle?

There are many tried and tested methods for securing a hand pallet truck in a moving vehicle, tensioning within a pallet is a popular option with a full load but what happens when the load is half full, empty or the truck works itself loose. The potential for damage to vehicle and goods is high with this method of securing and with many others.

We can offer a cost effective Pallet Truck Chock which simply provides a secure place for the wheels to rest off the ground and prevents movement in all directions. Call us to place your order today

I have a special requirement, what are my options?

At Carryduff Forklift we keep a stock of the fast moving pallet trucks models and specifications at all times, however our stock only covers a small selection of the entire Hand Pallet Truck range Toyota can offer. If you have a requirement for a specialised lift or working conditions we can advise and offer a Hand Pallet Truck to suit

Can I change the wheels for my application?

The drive wheels on a Hand Pallet Truck can be changed easily as part of your routine maintenance, a wide selection of different wheel materials within their own performance characteristics can be selected. if you have a particular type of requirement we can source and fit cheaply and efficiently

I have an immediate requirement, can you help?

We keep a high stock level of the fast moving model ranges at all times, trucks can be collected within minutes of ordering and we can also provide next day courier delivery to any address in Northern Ireland.

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